Offset Printing

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What is offset printing?

Offset printing is a complex and involved process, however in simple terms it is when wet ink is applied to paper by means of a roller transferring the image from a metal plate to the paper.

Offset Printing Services

Access to some of the finest state-of-the-art machinery enables us to produce quality printed material at a competitive price. From spot colour printing to full colour, you can be assured of a quality finish every time.

Benefits of offset printing

On large quantities, offset printing is exceptionally cost effective. The time to set up the machinery prohibits it being competitive on short runs.

Printing spot colours using the PMS (Pantone Management System) enables us to accurately produce a specific colour should it be required as part of a business’s branding.

Full colour printing allows us to produce high quality printed material on a range of different paper stocks.

Generic items can be printed in bulk and stored for when the customer needs them, cutting down on delivery times and making them cheaper over all.

Please note:

Not all printers have the same presses or produce the same things. Many specialise in just one type of work while others generalise. Matching the right press to your requirement is what we do! And this is just one way that our expertise will benefit you.
You deserve to know that your needs are being met reliably and professionally. If we can see a better or more economical way of handling your project we will tell you.