Digital Printing

What’s Digital Printing?

Digital printing is printing an image directly to paper from a computer. Digital printing is also referred to as on-demand printing.

Our DP Services

Studio Print Group’s in-house digital print services enables us to produce professional printing direct from customer supplied artwork. We are colour matching specialists.

The Machinery

Studio Print Group has invested in state-of-the-art equipment and has a complete in-house production facility in both colour and black and white applications.

Some benefits of digital printing

  • Jobs can be produced within a quick timeframe.
  • Digital printing is cost effective on short runs.
  • Digital printing allows us to produce smaller runs to test your promotional material, which lets you be sure of your marketing before you print thousands of copies
  • Digital printing helps the environment as it reduces wastage. There is minimal paper lost on setting up and we only print what is needed.
  • Artwork has to go through far less scrutiny with digital machines as they are much more accurate. Creating your artwork in RGB and non compliant colours is no problem – digital printing can easily print these formats.
  • Every item can be personalized as each sheet printed is an original.
  • Digital printing saves the potentially costly effect of having thousands of items produced only to find out that the information is out of date. By only printing what you need when you need it (on demand) we can alter every run if needed. There’s no need to store thousands of catalogues, we can print the exact number when they are required.
We combine offset and digital print capabilities under one roof, enabling us to choose the production method best suited for your job – offset, digital or a combination of both – saving you time and money.

About the Machinery

Studio  Print Group has invested in state-of-the-art equipment and has a complete in-house production facility in both colour and black and white applications.

Please note:

Due to the nature of digital printing, colours may range a shade or two from one project to the next, and will never be an exact match to your home printer or what you see on your monitor. Most clients find this to be acceptable, given the value offered by digital printing.
If you would like to see a printed proof of your file, these are provided at no charge and typically only add one day to the production process.
If you request Studio Print Group to proceed with your project without a proof, we are not responsible for finished product that looks different than you expected. (Please remember that your monitor is not calibrated to match our equipment, so colour discrepancies are normal).
Digital printing equipment does not use PANTONE ® colours or inks. Although we get very close, we are not able to offer colour matching.
Files that are submitted for production are not proof read or touched-up before they are printed.
The DPI and overall quality of your graphics and source images will directly impact the quality of the final product.
To allow for back-trimming, the finished size of any printed product is subject to a 5% tolerance in either direction unless requested otherwise, in which case a custom quote will be required. This allows us to make the most efficient use of the parent sheet, which provides you with the best value for your dollar.